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Anyone can put up a sign, use the Internet, skim through Craigslist but then what? At what cost? What terms? What about zoning and regulations? Will the Banks cooperate? Is this the right one? Effectively answering those questions requires a professional with knowledge and experience.

Anyone can study for a real estate license, but how many brokers own commercial real estate themselves? Have they experienced the impact of empty space, the magnitude of personally guaranteeing a loan, the importance of a good tenant or the business of owning real estate? That experience gives us an edge to understand our clients concerns as if they were our own.

Our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction.
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California Partners, Inc. is a full service commercial real estate brokerage offering expert services in all types of commercial real estate from Industrial and Office to Retail and Multi-Tenant Residential Properties for clients ranging from Landlords and Tenants to Buyers and Sellers to Investors and Corporations.


Landlord Representation ~ Putting a sign up and posting in CoStar and LoopNet is only the first step. But procuring a quality tenant at competitive terms requires the skills, experience and attention of a seasoned professional. Whether you have a single property or a portfolio, we strategically position and market your property, attract and evaluate the quality of tenants, and aggressively negotiate the best possible terms and lease to ensure your long-term success.

Tenant Representation ~ Searching on Craigslist or LoopNet is the bare minimum. But how much should you pay? What terms really matter? What kind of lease is the landlord using? What kind of concessions can you expect? Do you have zoning or use restrictions? What critical risks or exposure do you face. Whether you are looking for a thousand or a hundred thousand square feet of office, retail, industrial or R&D, we know how to find the location that is right for your business and get you the best deal, with the best terms in today’s ever-changing markets.
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Seller Representation ~ Signs and Internet postings do not sell your property. Positioning, networking, marketing and skillfully navigating your immediate marketplace properly makes all the difference. From a single building to an entire portfolio, we strategically position and market your property to generate the interest necessary to produce the multiple offers required to sell your property at the highest possible price.

Buyer Representation ~ With the advent of the Internet, anyone can search for a property, but which one is the best? Does your use work within a properties zoning? And most importantly these days, can you acquire the property at a price that will appraise? We have the knowledge, experience and skills needed to locate a quality property, evaluate the city zoning and ordinances, aggressively negotiate the best possible terms and protect you every step of the way during the Escrow Process.


Investor Representation ~ A quality investment is more than a CAP rate and Operating Data. Finding a quality investment is more than internet searches and finding the elusive off market “pocket listing.” We know, we are also investors ourselves. We are experts in finding, evaluating and acquiring quality investments, whether you are looking for passive cash flow, upside returns, building generational wealth, or all three, we will work and think with you as if your property were our own.

1031 Exchanges

A successful tax deferred exchange is critical to capitalizing on years of building your wealth, a comfortable retirement and/or your legacy to your heirs. Do not take that lightly, it is too important and consummating a 1031 Exchange can be harder than you think. We have significant experience helping owners optimize their exchange and realize their strategic goals.